Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Montt

Dec 30th and 31st,


Navimag Ferry:

Click here to hear about the Mickey Mouse operation that is the Eden schedule.


Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Montt.

21 hour scheduled sailing.

Dep. 5 pm, Arr. 3pm New Years Eve. It is worth noting that the ferry actually drops you off about 5 miles down the coast from Puerto Montt.


The good ship Eden, is a 3rd hand ferry from Finland via a couple a decades service somewhere in Brazil. It stinks from stem to stern of dead fish, long dead fish.


We were given a lifeboat drill and stern warning that all alcohol strictly prohibited. A bit late, as we arrived with enough wine and liquor to float the Bismarck. We drink discreetly in the cabin.

We had a cabin for two, with en suite bath. The entire suite was the size of a cupboard, though that was luxury on this boat. Still no Kleenex, however.

As advised, we took foodstuffs and variety of chili sauces. If you ever take this ride suggest you do the same. Only fascinating item on the menu was at dinner first night, the broccoli was a color only the army could requisition. Seen some dodgy broccoli in my life but this one slaughtered in a unique fashion.

The upside? Ever-changing views of fjords in patchy sunlight, then squalls, clouds shifting the mountain tops one way t’other. Some glaciers and snowy ragged peaks tear through clouds for a sunny minute then vanish. Chile, for a while, could be flat. Patagonian wind and weather control the views here. Sea Lions, dolphins put on a show, no whales yet.The seas are calm, passengers and crew too.

Blue sky’s await our arrival in Puerto Montt, an occasion made less exciting due to the fish smell. We theorize that the container-load of old fishing nets in the bottom left corner of the photo are the culprit. img_2258

Sea Lions are also there to greet us.


New Years Eve in Puerto Montt. They say there will be a small fireworks show by the harbor but rain certain. I’m asleep by 9.30. Early start tomorrow, south again… Penguins!

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