Bonus Footage

So… You decided to stay tuned after the credits? Well consider yourself lucky, because in Valparaiso, we were fortunate enough to see some of the most epic artwork that no gallery or exhibition could ever contain.

Just as Galileo was considered a heathen and The Beatles were considered a blight on established music, graffiti has widely been considered a form of vandalism. While, in truth, there are many examples of this form of expression being more of a detriment to the beauty of our society than a benefit, there are however, a great many works that both defy, and redefine what most consider art.

We present to you a look at Valparaiso, through the eyes of two admirers of a relatively new canvas. One that both surprised and amazed us. The walls of this city house perhaps some of the greatest examples of this art form. And while we are sure that this small sample represents only a fraction of the great works that exist throughout our urban expanses, we think it beautiful none the less. So wether you call it graffiti, street art, or muralism, we are sure you will appreciate the talent required to compose such works.



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